plastic madonna

Plastic Madonna is a project to change humanity's believe-system.
Step 1 (finished)

Prove that if people collectively doing almost nothing, e.g. pick up a stone, together we move a mountain.

Step 2 (in progress)

In the same way as step 1 -a lot of people doing almost nothing- we want to collect the funds to print the 12 meter long statue ‘Plastic Madonna.

Step 3 (starting)

Constructing the 12 meter meter large statue. Using the recycled plastic of 100.000 littered plastic bottles, printed by a robot-arm 3D-printer.

Step 4 (june 8 2017)

Exhibiting the statue on the beach of Scheveningen. After that she want’s to visit every city. We provide lectures and talks.

It's not the statue we want to build!

We want to change what people believe.

Imagine a huge problem, on a global scale. This problem can be solved so easily, but people don't believe it. So they don't do it. Then what's the real problem? What they believe! Only when we believe small things matter, are we capable of great things.

The Press

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